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Walmart Labs India, the US retail giant’s local product development section, declared it would employ the main tech team from, and AI and data analytics start-up. This is its 2nd acqui-hiring in the nation within 3 Mon. Acqui-hiring signifies to the buying out of (a firm) principally for the expertise and skills of its personnel, instead of its services or products.

Three engineers—comprising co-founders Praneeth Doguparthy and Vinay Kumar NP—from will connect with Walmart Labs India. There, they will be a component of the wellness and health portfolio within Customer Technology at the company.

Country Head and VP for Technology at Walmart Labs India, said, “We’re content to welcome the group of to the huge Walmart Labs family and consider that their proficiency will be a great inclusion to our data analytics abilities.”

This is the 2nd acqui-hiring made by Walmart Labs India—following Appsfly, a micro-app startup, in September where it combined the 6-member group of Appsfly into the company’s customer experience engineering group., established in 2016, has spent and developed capability in designing an analytics automation framework that will help Walmart Labs in backing large-scale businesses and developing solutions.

Likewise, reportedly Apple has procured Silk Labs, a less-known startup that concentrated on developing on-device machine learning software.

The procurement, which happened earlier this year as per The Information, would be suitable for the privacy-centric approach of Apple to AI. Silk Labs, following a failed expedition into the smart home, built on-device machine learning services. This implies processing data with no need to send it to the cloud—a technique that Apple has also favored.

As per The Information, the procurement charge for Silk Labs was probably small. The company only had about a dozen workers and had obtained around $4 Million in funding.