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Other Scientists Revile The CRISPR Baby Experiment

The scientists are leaving no stone turned and plan on standing up against certain ethical norms as well. Recently, a team’s experiment of using the CRISPR technique to edit the genes present in the genome of a human embryo has given rise to a new controversy altogether. The researchers have knocked out the HIV transmission related gene so as to enhance the resistance power against the disease.

The researchers behind this first of its kind medical research included Jiankui He from Southern University of Science and Technology, China, and Physicist Michael Deem from Rice University physicist. After the genetic alterations in the embryo have successfully implanted it into the women who had been the source as well. Her safe delivery of the twin girls Nana and Lulu have resulted in giving life to the first ever clinically-altered genome species. Even though the researchers have justified their hot experiment along with Ethical Principles of Therapeutic Assisted Reproductive Technology list it is not proving enough to convince the scientific community.

The Chinese government is currently investigating the researcher He and Deem is also being questioned as in the US the human gene editing is banned. The duo is currently under the radar owing to the violation of the genetic ethics. He has been given a chance to verbalize at the Second International Summit scheduled Human Genome Editing and clear out the violation guilt put on him regarding his research. According to the CRISPR developers Feng Zhang from MIT and Jennifer Doudna from UC Berkeley the powerful clinical tool needs to be used responsibly and that He’s research not being peer reviewed or publicized is skeptical.

On a worldwide scale, the researchers from across the globe are all against the gene editing experiment and need condemnation. The scientists have been scrutinized for working without transparency as the human’s genome editing holds a lot of risks compared to any potential benefits. The ethical guidelines are currently not ready for any tinkering. The future of the genetically-altered kids is something to watch for. Recently, the Chinese scientists have defended his work at a summit held in the University of Hong Kong by pointing at the Chinese laws permission of working on the discarded the IVF embryos until dead. The idea of using it to produce babies is mindboggling and unethical according to others.