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Meteor Shower And A Full Moon To Underline 2018 Winter Solstice

This weekend, do not miss to gaze up at the heavens. This year, the winter solstice is just ahead of Christmas. Even holiday lights can be observed in the sky by you. Winter solstice within the Northern Hemisphere takes place December 21. This is when the Sun emerges at its most southerly spot. The winter solstice is the year’s shortest day and emphasizes the commencement of winter. It’s the literal contradictory in the Southern Hemisphere.

Apart from this, the forthcoming full moon is dubbed the Cold Moon and would be perceptible during the year’s longest night. However, the 2 incidents do not align perfectly. The winter solstice happens to be on December 21, that is, a day earlier, whereas the peak full moon will take place on December 22. Nevertheless, to the usual individual, it will seem to be full for numerous days.

So, do not miss this chance to observe the Ursid meteor shower and the full moon. However, the full moon might make the meteors, to some extent, more hard to observe.

On the other end, a streaky white light and twisting tail observed in the sky over the San Luis Obispo County and throughout California is making rounds in the social media reports. The unidentified entity emerged right about the moment a Heavy Delta IV rocket lugging a top-secret cargo was planned to take off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, however, representatives stated it was unconnected to their assignment, which was canceled 10 minutes prior to launch.

The light streak was observed all over California, as per the people in Fresno and Sacramento. Local representatives, comprising officials of the US Coast Guard in Morro Bay, stated they could not verify what it was precisely, although they do not think it to be a shooting star or a flare.