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Mysterious Light Observed In Sky All Over California

A streaky white light and twisting tail observed in the sky over the San Luis Obispo County and throughout California is making rounds in the social media reports. The unidentified entity emerged right about the moment a Heavy Delta IV rocket lugging a top-secret cargo was planned to take off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, however, representatives stated it was unconnected to their assignment, which was canceled 10 minutes prior to launch.

A spokesperson from Vandenberg said, “What you are observing in the sky isn’t anything lifted off from Vandenberg,” mentioning that they are alert of news. In SLO County, the bizarre light was recorded in images uploaded on the SLO County News and Public Safety site. Local representatives, comprising officials of the US Coast Guard in Morro Bay, stated they could not verify what it was precisely, although they do not think it to be a shooting star or a flare.

The light streak was observed all over California, as per the people in Fresno and Sacramento. A Delta IV rocket lift-off at Vandenberg was suspended owing to a hydrogen leak within the engine. It will be now launched on the following day at 5:31 p.m. This is the 4th time the liftoff has been postponed, either owing to technical or weather issues.

On the other end, someday, Saturn might be acknowledged as the “ringless planet.” A new research led by NASA shows rings of Saturn are vanishing at a surprising rate. The rings of Saturn mostly comprise water ice with some dust and rock blended in it. Voyager mission of NASA visited Saturn in the early 1980s. Its research tipped-off at a happening known as “ring rain.”

The Cassini mission of NASA made more comprehensive examinations of ring rain, and that records pinpoint that the rings can vanish in merely 100 million years than previously estimated 300 million years.