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Facebook Tool Finds Out If User’s Photos Were Compromised in Data Breach

Last week, Facebook disclosed a software error, which affected almost 7 Million users. Recently, the firm verified that the defective API problem has been solved. Now, it has rolled out a novel tool, which can let users know if their data were compromised.

The latest help page introduced by Facebook will notify users if their Facebook account was compromised. For this, it will need the user to be logged in to the social networking site. For users who have not suffered during the data violation, the message displays saying, “Your Facebook account has not been affected by this issue and the apps you use did not have access to your other photos.”

For those who were affected, it will list out all the apps where their photos were exposed. In both the cases, even if user’s account’s photos were not compromised, the firm recommended its users to check all apps where they have shared their Facebook photos.

On a similar note, recently, Facebook disclosed a number of fresh camera features for its Messenger app. It also announced the regional support for looping the Boomerang videos. The new facility incorporates a selfie mode with a capability to automatically blur the background. Additionally, it involves an augmented reality feature, which lets user place Messenger’s stickers in their videos and photos.

With these recent additions, Facebook Messenger incorporated almost five varied camera modes, such as text, video, boomerang, selfie, and normal. These additions are rolled out just 2 Months after Facebook uncovered a massive Messenger redesign with a key emphasis on simplicity. The firm presented augmented reality effects for a while right now, either as world effects or selfie masks. AR stickers are an attempt to team up these effects with the same stickers, which can be presently exchanged through usual text chats.