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Facebook Gathers Consumer Data From Apps Such As OKCupid & Tinder

A fresh report from Mobilsicher, the German company and an outlet devoted to info on mobile security, has given some data about how particular apps share consumer data with Facebook. The group trialed the Android editions of a number of apps—comprising Grindr, OKCupid, Tinder, health-related apps such as MigraineBuddy and Pregnancy+ as well as religion-aimed applications such as Muslim Pro and Bible+, among others—and it discovered that personal data was being gathered from those applications using Facebook’s SDK. That data can comprise the app in use, IP addresses, users’ unique Advertising IDs, the type of device, and info that is transferred as soon as a consumer unlocks the app.

Facebook’s SDK permits developers to authorize Facebook Analytics and allow their consumers sign in with their credentials for Facebook. And Facebook claims in its regulations that it can gather data via 3rd-party apps that employ its APIs and SDKs.

On a related note, Facebook Inc earlier claimed that a searchable database that will offer data on investment by advertisers for political advertisements. In addition to this, the database will offer info on problems of national significance in the run-up to the midterm elections. The decision comes as social media websites face the danger of US laws over the shortage of disclosure on such investment.

Facebook also has encountered a storm of criticism from lawmakers and users after it claimed last year that agents from Russia employed its platform to distribution before and after the US presidential election of 2016, an allegation that Moscow refuses. The database dubbed as “Ad Archive Report” will be updated each week with data on who invested how much for political ads. For instance, a page supporting Beto O’Rourke (the Texas Democratic U.S. Senate contender) reveals investment of $5.4 Million from May–October 2018.