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Bomb Disposal Robots For UK Military Have Haptic Feedback

Bomb disposal professionals will not have to risk their lives each time they have to disable an explosive if they have to in their job with the assistance of a proxy—similar to a bot they can manage remotely. As per the UK Ministry of Defence, the British Army has got 4 advanced robots that can do the job. Unlike other machines used for bomb disposal, these ones come with “enhanced haptic feedback” that permits their operators to experience what their mechanical arm touches or holds via a remote-control grip.

Seeing as bomb disposal needs an extreme level of dexterity, particularly when dealing with possible booby-trapped enhanced explosive gadgets, haptic feedback can be just what users require. The 4 machines given to the British Army are but a tiny part of what the UK military ordered from Harris (military contractor). Apart from haptic feedback, the unmanned bot dubbed as T7 also has all-terrain treads and HD cameras.

On a related note, a tech start-up in Singapore has developed a robot masseuse that specializes in knee and back massages. Dubbed as Emma, short for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation, the robot mirrors the human thumb and palm to duplicate healing massages such as physiotherapy and shiatsu. Emma began work on users at the NovaHealth TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) clinic, operating next to its human associates such as a massage therapist and a physician.

Emma 3.0 is the first to go into community service and is more compacted in comparison to the first sample revealed in 2017. It employs enhanced sensors to calculate muscle and tendon stiffness, in addition with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cloud-supported computing to track a user’s recovery and to measure the optimal massage over a course of treatments. Emma has been designed by AiTreat. It is a tech start-up situated at NTU Singapore (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore).