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Bixby Now Supports Spanish, British English, Italian, And German

The voice assistant Bixby by Samsung now knows German, British English, Spanish, and Italian. That is more than double the languages it supported earlier—just three—Korean, American English, and Mandarin Chinese.

Samsung has long claimed that it is operating on updating Bixby for the better and its this declaration means a lot more users will be capable of using Bixby, if they wish to. Fascinatingly, the announcement does not include French, one more romantic language commonly learned alongside Spanish and Italian. The European languages were earlier in beta phase. Consumers in Europe are also going to witness Bixby turn compatible with extra 3rd-party platforms. The voice assistant still lags behind Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant when it comes to support for languages.

As fraction of the extension, Bixby will funnily also have the capability of telling between American English and British English accents. It also brings up the question if Bixby can do at least 50% decent job of knowing English from other nations, such as Singapore, Australia, or South Africa.

On a related note, Samsung earlier claimed that it will roll out the 2nd edition of Bixby, its voice-fueled digital assistant that will operate on various devices, comprising refrigerators and televisions, a top official of the company claimed to the media in an interview. This will assist the worldwide smartphone leader additionally reinforce its place alongside firms such as Apple, Google, and Amazon that also have digital assistants Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, respectively.

“We might introduce Bixby 2.0. It might be developed to be obtainable on all and any devices,” Ji Soo Yi, Vice President for Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Electronics, claimed to the media in an interview. He further claimed that this indicates having the cleverness of Bixby act as the control center of device bionetwork, comprising TVs, mobile phones, and refrigerators.