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FDA To Intervene If States Do Not Tighten Vaccine Policies

Vaccination has become a matter of choice as many states are not getting concerned about it. FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) head recently said that if states are not seeking school going children to be vaccinated, the US Federation have to intervene. State’s schools are allowing children whose parents have opted out for Vaccinations. Washington is the best example for this. Washington faced a massive outbreak being the center of the measles infection started last month, the infection has reportedly infected around 67 people in 4 states. New York is facing the same situation on a larger scale as around 200 people have found infected from October 2018.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, FDA’s Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said that few states are encouraging the exemptions in such a way that possibilities of a national level outbreak could be there. Axios reported the Gottlieb’s views firstly when he pointed towards the Federal influence in vaccination policy. It is important to have a list so that people could know what things they can exempt and what not. Measles outbreak will make states aware of the consequences of vaccine exemption, Gottlieb added.

Around 47 states in the USA permit parents to exempt the vaccination because of their religious reasons. Among these 47, 17 states with Washington even allow parents to skip vaccination due to their philosophical beliefs. Medical agencies like The American Medical Association have supported Gottlieb stating that vaccines should not be exempted until unless it causes medical harm to the child. There are mixed reactions noticed on Dr. Gottlieb’s Federal call, Dr. Adam Ratner (Division Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases) welcomed the suggestion and said that there was need of such kind of push for some states.

Bill Zedler (Republican Representative, Texas) didn’t like it declared the Federal call as horrible. Few other doctors shared their views among which Pan, a US citizen who initiated an effort in removing exemption on vaccines in his state has written a letter to General Dr. Jerome Adams. He requested to ramp the efforts for addressing parents who shilly-shally in vaccinations. He requested US surgeon to make a national level policy for the vaccination exemption, along with proper guidance and address to parents.