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Flu Severity, Spread Increases; Health Officials Warn

Health officials warned on February 22, 2019, that the citizens of US are still under the danger of getting affected by the flu since the flu of this season have been dangerously spreading across US. However, one huge change that has taken place is in the type of virus that is spreading. At the beginning of the flu outbreak, influenza A H1N1 has been dominating. Later, then type of various which is mostly being seen is influenza A H3N2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in US informed that in the new cases, mostly the second type has become dominant.

Chief of CDC’s domestic surveillance team for influenza, Lynnette Brammer said that observing the pattern, it seems that the flu has taken a shift from H1 wave to H3 wave. However the case might be, there is still a lot more to appear in the season. The only positive aspect is that, the vaccine for this year has proved to be more effective compared to that of 2018. Lynnette said that the vaccine in this year has 62% protection against the first type and 44% protection against the second type. Children aged between 6 months and 17 years have an entirety of 61% protection against flu post vaccination.

No matter how protective the vaccine might turn out to be, flu seasons always have a hazardous impact in all the seasons. Brammer mentioned that flu seasons can never be termed as good, they are perpetually bad. Amongst the elder generation, the flu has its maximum number of victims. In the present season, till now 22,300 adults have lost their lives due to flu. And above 250,000 people had to get admitted in the hospitals. However, this is way less compared to last year when above 80,000 people lost their lives. Brammer told that since the season has not been over yet, more people would get hospitalized and might even die.