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Diets Rich In Protein Might Result In Harming The Kidneys

A diet rich in protein is believed to be good and healthy. It is recommended that it keeps one fit and helps in losing fat and retaining lean muscle mass. Decreasing carbohydrates and switching them with proteins has become a major belief for all those who are conscious about their health and looks. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, Denis Fouque, and Holly M Kramer now think it is obligatory to question this dogma and to put a hard-hitting warning label on present eating habits. They said, “We might save calories, but we can also jeopardize the wellbeing of our kidneys.” The promise of losing weight and saving calories is the main reason why a high-protein diet is very frequently recommended to individuals who suffer from obesity or diabetes.

But the core of the topic is that these individuals are mainly vulnerable to the kidney-harming impacts of high-protein intake. Professor Fouque—Former-Chair of the ERN (European Renal Nutrition) working group—said, “A high-protein diet stimulates glomerular hyperfiltration, which as per to our knowledge might increase a pre-existing low-grade persistent kidney disease. It may even surge the peril of de novo kidney diseases. To suggest a high-protein diet to an obese diabetes patient might indeed outcome in weight loss, but also in a serious loss of kidney function.”

On a similar note, recently, a study showed that animal protein-rich diet is linked with a higher peril of death. A diet rich in animal protein—and meat especially—is not fine for wellbeing, a recent study from the UEF (University of Eastern Finland) revealed, providing additional backing for previous research proof. Men who selected animal protein over plant-based protein in their regimen had a higher risk of casualty in a 20-Year follow-up compared to men whose diet was very balanced with regard to their sources of protein. The study findings were issued in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Manuela Abramowitz
SR. EDITOR AND WRITER At News Stock Exchange

Manuela Abramowitz holds a degree in Nursing but her interest in writing and reading helped her choose the field of writing. Manuela is always reading books related to healthcare and services to stay up-to-date. She brushes up her writing skills by joining short-term courses. Manuela pencils down articles only after thorough research and validation. The flair for language can be well seen in her writings which are so eye-catching that people end up writing knowingly or unknowingly. Manuela has been handed over the Healthcare and Services domain owing to her leadership skills. Manuela has spent almost 5 years with the News Stock Exchange portal and is still going strong

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