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A New Approach Could Possibly Help Treat Dementia Patients Better

Recently, the reports published after studying the practices followed at the care services in Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island showed that the use of antipsychotics in dementia patients could be lowered to a great extent. By reducing the intake of medications, the researchers found no much of a change in the behavior of the patients and thus, they thought of implementing different approaches. The study conducted at the care facilities found a reduction in the medications to have no change in violent verbal or corporeal behaviors.

The scientists made use of the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics (AUA) approach to get an overview of dementia patients. This new method was found to help patients engage in other activities and also helped the researchers understand the causes of behavioral or underlying issues. The basic goal was to reassess the aptness of antipsychotic medications and also to introduce personalized care plans with alternative activities for the patient. The idea of reducing medications is not only financially beneficial but also can help reduce the side-effects of drugs. The study has helped test skilled nursing providers and federal officials in the US. The long-term care homes have found a new approach to improve their skills of handling every patient.

In a parallel context, researchers at Columbia University have found the people without schooling to be at a higher risk of developing dementia in the long run. The people without any cognitive function like learning, reading, and writing are more prone to decline in the brains’ functionality. As per the dementia diagnosis criteria, if the memory, language, and visual or spatial abilities of the illiterates were found to be extremely low, which means their brain health is in danger. Thus, the US policymakers are now focusing on bringing about a change in the educational policies and make them more stringent such that the students do not drop out.

Manuela Abramowitz
SR. EDITOR AND WRITER At News Stock Exchange

Manuela Abramowitz holds a degree in Nursing but her interest in writing and reading helped her choose the field of writing. Manuela is always reading books related to healthcare and services to stay up-to-date. She brushes up her writing skills by joining short-term courses. Manuela pencils down articles only after thorough research and validation. The flair for language can be well seen in her writings which are so eye-catching that people end up writing knowingly or unknowingly. Manuela has been handed over the Healthcare and Services domain owing to her leadership skills. Manuela has spent almost 5 years with the News Stock Exchange portal and is still going strong

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