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Ethiopia’s Dallol—Hottest Place On The Earth—Does Not Support Life: Study

In our solar system, the Earth is the only planet with the presence of life on it. Even in some areas with the critical environment on the Earth, a few single-celled creatures such as bacteria were successful to be alive, and this shows the suitability of our planet to live. But according to recent research, there is a place on the Earth with no presence of life. Recently, European researchers highlighted the absence of even microbial forms of life in the salty, hot, hyperacid ponds from Ethiopia’s Dallol geothermal field.

Dallol is known to have the most sweltering environments on Earth. While this region is said to be the base of extreme hydrothermal activity, it is also known to produce numerous lethal gases. The latest study accessible in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution highlighted that there is no possibility of the presence of any life form in Dallol’s exceedingly sweltering ponds.

In the latest statement, study scientist Lopez Garcia stated, “After studying numerous additional samples than in earlier works—with sufficient controls without contamination and a well-calibrated technique—we have confirmed the absence of microbial life in these hot, salty, and hyperacid ponds or in the neighboring magnesium-rich saltwater lakes. Moreover, there is a presence of a high diversity of halophilic archaea in the saline ravines surrounding the hydrothermal place and the desert. But the high diversity was neither noticeable in the hypersaline and hyperacid ponds nor in the Yellow and Black lakes of Dallol, where magnesium is plentiful.”

On a similar note, a recent study highlighted that, in general, the planet’s rotation rate and the star’s radiation can work as key factors while deciding the presence of life on those planets. The latest research carried out by scientists from the U.S. is supposed to aid astronomers slim down the search around life-supporting planets.

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