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Alpha Monocerotids Meteor Shower Is Going To Poise The Skies

People who are lucky in the Eastern United States will have the chance to get a glimpse of a rare meteor shower that is referred to as the Alpha Monocerotids on the night of November 22, 2019. The astronomers have predicted the outburst to last for at least an hour and it could produce around 400 meteors in an hour’s time. The experts Peter Jenniskens and Esko Lyytinen have predicted the meteor shower and they have declared a time zone that the people must watch it before 11:15 p.m. ET and also 35 Minutes prior to the forecast time if they wish to see all the meteors. The prime locations from where the view will be crystal clear include Western Europe, Northwestern Africa, and Eastern North America.

The Western North Americans have no luck to see the meteor shower. During the outburst, the radiant is expected to appear near the horizon for the people on the west coast of North America. On the eastern horizon, only a few earthgrazers are expected to get a glimpse of the event. The Alpha Monocerotids showers appear every year at the end of November and it was named after the unicorn-shape constellation Monoceros. Normally, it let out only 3–4 meteors per hour but it is from the past few years it has been letting out a huge number of meteors. In 1985 and 1995, around 700 and 400 meteors were found to be released. The parent comet’s orbit size is found responsible for the intensity of a meteor shower. The Alpha Monocerotids’ parent comet has not yet been discovered but still even if the meteor fails, there is no disappointment as stars are always a spectacular view.

Parallelly, a new study suggests that a few of the ancient meteorites that crash-landed on Earth could have possibly bought along with a few extraterrestrial sugars with them. Yoshihiro Furukawa from Tohoku University in Japan is the first to detect bioessential sugars in meteorites. The amino acids and nucleobases have been found on the meteorites as per the previous studies but this is the first time that sugars have been detected. The Murchison meteorite found in Murchison in 1969 and the meteorite NWA 801 spotted in Morocco in 2001 are the two meteorites to have shown the presence of sugars on it.

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