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Apple Music Now Offers Support For Amazon Echo Speakers

Apple Music will now support Amazon Echo devices. The latest update has arrived some days earlier than it was planned. It is launched on the Alexa app for Android and iOS. This update has added Apple Music to the list of supported music streaming services, which already has Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

Once users connect their Apple Music account to Alexa using their app, they can set it as their default streaming service. So, they do not have to specify each time when they ask Alexa to play music. Now, Apple Music subscribers can play songs with the help of Alexa and select from their personal playlists, the complete Apple Music library, radio stations, or service’s curated playlists. At present, the latest Apple Music update is restricted to Echo speakers only. It will not work with the 3rd-party Alexa-enabled speakers, such as Sonos devices, for now.

On a similar note, while Apple’s recent session of iPhone price cuts suggests bigger issues, the firm is presently about to take an action that might have put iPhone owners in question about their trustworthiness to the brand. Reportedly, Apple notified iPhone users that it is planning iOS updates in the upcoming days. These updates might change the basic functionalities in the user phones. And, unlike regular updates, these changes will not be about improving the service.

What the firm is altering is the users’ ability to manage applications and resize pictures on their iPhones. Reportedly, the firm has not disclosed on how will these functions be changed or modified. However, it confirmed the update and described this functionality as a “minor.” It seems that the users will have no option than to upgrade their phones forcefully, as Apple requires all iPhones to be running the changes, which will also push them to the recent version of iOS 12.