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Baidu Uses Unity’s Game Engine To Trail Its Self-Driving Vehicles

Unity, the same firms whose 3D gaming engine gave you Hearthstone and Cuphead, is now assisting Baidu (Chinese Internet behemoth) to develop the next gen of autonomous cars. This was confirmed by the 2 firms to the media.

The collaboration is fraction of Baidu’s determined Apollo Plan, which seeks to build, devise, test, and ultimately distribute self-driving networks with level 5, 4, and 3 of self-sufficiency. Up to now the firm has assembled an alliance of over 50 OEMs and automakers.

The real-time simulation by Unity will allow developers to efficiently digitize the development stage of these autonomous techs, which results in a number of benefits, claimed Unity’s head of Automotive, Tim McDonough, to the media in an interview.

“No one gets injured in a video game,” he clarified. “You can also test things that you cannot trial in the actual world. What takes place if a child runs in front of the vehicle? All these things are tested here,” he added.

On a similar note, Robin Li Yanhong, Baidu chief executive, earlier summoned the industry polices and supportive state of Chinese government as major factors adding to the success and rise of his Internet firm and the development of AI (artificial intelligence) in the nation.

His remarks, posted via his statement with the media, come hot on the heels of analogous statements by a crowd of top business leaders and technology entrepreneurs in recent times, all of whom openly hail the government.

“Reforms over the last few years have been effectual and gave prominent outcomes,” Li claimed to the media in an interview. “The dividend of government initiatives is a major factor behind the AI development in China. Whether it is me as a person or the firm itself, we are all receivers of the programs,” he claimed further.