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AI Use Rising Globally, But Most Companies’ Tech Is Not Yet Updated

Recently, Dorando Doo—Senior VP at iFlytek (a Chinese AI company)—said, “Every time somebody instructs a smart fridge to notify them of picking milk, they are helping to lay the foundation for what is anticipated to be a $100 Billion life-changing industry. A fridge’s AI (artificial intelligence) assimilates the user’s words, processing them through machine-learning software that gets smarter consistently you talk to it. Seeing that the fridge’s software gets smarter, it will assist in informing a broad range of other AI systems.” At CNBC’s East Tech West event, she said, “That learning competency can be useful to a range of industries, like health care or education.” Reportedly, AI is being summoned as a ground-breaking technology, which can eventually advance everything from transportation to banking.

Once deployed, it assures software that persists learning and evolving, possibly solving complicated problems outside the range of human abilities. But existing AI technology is utilized in more ordinary ways, with the lion’s share in sales processes, customer service, and risk detection, as per research firm IDC. Globally, around 14% of firms have already installed some kind of it in their products or processes, which is up from 4% a year earlier, as per Gartner. In China, almost 14% of companies have gripped AI technology, an IBM official stated this week. IDC forecasted that businesses are anticipated to invest around $97.9 Billion yearly on AI projects by the end of 2023, which is up from $37.5 Billion this year.

On a similar note, recently, it was reported that AI will obliterate the jobs such as cubicle workers, shipping clerks, and loan processors by 2030. Huard Smith—Vice President and Principal Consultant of Forrester—while describing the impact of AI on different professions by the end of 2030 said, “All gone.” Smith’s list comprised of a lot of recurring and manual work that can be mechanized through machine-learning software. For example, Forrester estimates that 73% of all cubicle-related jobs—like clerical tasks and data entry—will be computerized by the end of 2030, equating to more than 20 Million jobs eliminated.

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