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Amazon Challenges $10 Billion JEDI Deal Won By Microsoft

Amazon is taking action on its ledge to challenge the decision by Pentagon to award Microsoft a major cloud computing deal worth $10 Billion. The internet behemoth filed a federal case last week to challenge the choice of Defense Department for the coveted JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) deal. Amazon did not clarify the reasoning behind the lawsuit, even though it earlier stated that the decision process comprised “obvious bias” and recommended there was “political manipulation.” In different words, the animosity of President Trump toward Amazon supposedly pushed the Pentagon to select Microsoft rather than the fair winner.

Not shockingly, those on the other end of the case oppose. Mark Esper (defense chief of the US) earlier claimed that he was certain the JEDI handout had been “performed fairly and freely.” In an interview to the media, Microsoft disputed that the process of the Defense Department was “thorough, detailed, and fair.”

You might not hear much about this argument until there is a result, though. Amazon filed the case below seal, and it is approaching for a protective order as the case can comprise sensitive data that can result in “severe competitive damage” to both ends of the lawsuit. It is reasonable to assume that Amazon will not give up this battle easily. The deal signifies not just a huge amount of money, but a chance to shape the US military’s future.

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