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A Team Builds A Protective Suit For The Surfers

In Australia, a team has developed a revolutionary suit for the surfers. The basic idea behind the creators was to make a new wet suit that can help the surfers stay safe inside the suit despite the deadly shark bites. The shark-proof material was found to be made using extra-strong plastic fibers that were worn together such that the teeth cannot penetrate through the suit. According to the team from Flinders University, the team found that the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers with the neoprene material were found to help enhance the durability and safety of the wet suits. The new suit is found to sustain even the bites of the Great White Shark.

The team had tested many fabrics before finalizing on the latest suit. The increasing amount of deaths due to the shark attacks was the basic reason behind coming up with such an idea. The lead researcher Charlie Huveneers believes that the suit could be a part of a shark bite mitigation strategy. The team used lightweight and strong materials to make the suit with the help of new technological advances in fabrics. In 2018, out of 130 shark attacks, 66 were found to be unprovoked and 5 have already lost their lives. In the last 20 Years, the shark attacks seem to have doubled. The forces of the shark bites were tested on the suit. The depths of the cuts made to the fabric were found to be smaller and the material showed more resistance. The fabric was also found to help reduce blood loss.

Similarly, NASA developed a prototype version of the spacesuits after a women crew member from the first all-female spacewalk had to wear a male suit due to the fitting issues. Thus, the space agency came up with two next-generation suits including the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU) for the lunar mission and the Orion Crew Survival System when they launch from Earth and return. The new garments will help the astronauts bend, squat, and walk plus it is designed to be one-size-fits-all for any gender. These protective suits will help any crew member perform all the activities with great ease.

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