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NASA Hack Includes Data Of Former & Current Employees

Personal data of some former and current workers of NASA were stolen in an attack in October 2018, the media claimed this week. NASA admitted in an internal memo sent to all workers this week of getting hacked, almost 2 Months after the attack was found, the report claimed.

The people responsible for the hacking have not yet been recognized since NASA claimed that an unidentified intruder got authorization to one of the servers of the agency holding the personal info of the workers. The level of the attack and the number of impacted workers are also not identified, as per the report.

But the organization took the action of informing all workers so they can take defensive measures. NASA found the hack on October 23, 2018, and told that it was operating with federal cybersecurity associates to inspect the servers to establish the scope of the possible info exfiltration and verify possible affected people.

On a related note, last month it was claimed the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) was under cyber attack at the time of 2018 midterm elections. Republican executives claimed that the attackers had access to email accounts of 4 senior NRCC aides for “more than a few months,” until a security company found the intrusion in April 2018.

The NRCC issued an internal probe and notified the FBI, but until this week it did not tell any Republican legislators. “The NRCC can verify that it was the sufferer of a cyber attack by an unidentified entity,” claimed Mercury Public Affairs’ (a PR organization used by the committee) Ian Prior to the media in an interview.

“Upon knowing of the attack, the NRCC instantly issued an internal probe and informed the FBI, which is now looking into the matter.” As per the media, party executives think that a foreign government was accountable for the cyber attack, even though they offered very little info about it.