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Our Team

Erik Matthews

Erik Matthews after the completion of Masters in Business Administration has switched to writing. His skillful writing is worth applause. Erik has all his articles written down in a very smooth-tongued manner that too only after thorough research. He has spent 5 years working for the News Stock Exchange portal. Erik also holds certain workshops regarding contextual skills. He is currently taking care of the Business domain owing to the immense knowledge regarding the economic world. He also trains the juniors so as to have them well-educated in the field of writing. Erik has all his articles written in a very realistic and finest pattern that even a layman could read.

Phone No:- +1 469-531-7214

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Manuela Abramowitz

Manuela Abramowitz holds a degree in Nursing but her interest in writing and reading helped her choose the field of writing. Manuela is always reading books related to healthcare and services to stay up-to-date. She brushes up her writing skills by joining short-term courses. Manuela pencils down articles only after thorough research and validation. The flair for language can be well seen in her writings which are so eye-catching that people end up writing knowingly or unknowingly. Manuela has been handed over the Healthcare and Services domain owing to her leadership skills. Manuela has spent almost 5 years with the News Stock Exchange portal and is still going strong.

Phone No:- +1 469-126-2089

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Benny Nash

Benny Nash has spent 3 Years with the News Stock Exchange portal and has since then never looked back. He after the completion of a Degree in Information technology took up a course of writing and it’s where his interest for writing began. He currently is one of the top writers of the News Stock Exchange portal. Benny is always in the lookout for more information and thus, ends up reading more information on technology. The in-depth knowledge on the Technology domain is the basic reason behind him being handed over the entire responsibility of the domain. Benny still hopes to add more writing credits to his qualifications in the coming years.

Phone No:- +1 469-326-9513

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Catherine Outlaw

Catherine Outlaw is one of the renowned writers on the News Stock Exchange portal. Her linguistic skills and writing specifications are the reason behind such beautiful writings being published. Catherine even during her busy working schedules finds time to read and have her knowledge brushed up. News Stock Exchange portal is a new platform for Catherine but her 3 years of working in the field of writing have only helped her learn more and more. Catherine has been given the complete accountability of the Science domain. She holds the skill to strategically compose the text and have it presented to the public in a simple and plain manner.

Phone No:- +1 469-753-1285

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